Teacher Training

The new building for the Teacher Training Centre in Andkhoi is complete.  

Teacher Training Seminar in the Sommer and Winter Holidays

We were happy that our teachers in Andkhoi were able to conduct two more seminars successfully in mathematics, sciences and Pashtu during the winter holidays as well as for primary grades and for school admin staff (January, July 2015 and January 2016, August 2016). The participants - teachers from all four districts around Andkhoi - found the seminars very useful. Furthermore, we were able to send teachers for training to GIZ seminars in Samangan. We also find it useful to have "assistants" in our courses who will benefit from the experience of our good teachers for their own lessons. 

In the years after the start of the war against the Soviet Union in 1979 many educated Afghans left Afghanistan, many were killed during the war. Until 2001 hardly any teachers were trained.

After 2001 very many students started school and therefore it is understandable that there are not enough well trained teachers working in the schools. The desire to qualify was there and in each province teacher training institutes were set up. At district level, teachers who are already employed and working as teachers are trained in the late afternoon (the so-called in-service training). Unfortunately, some of the trainers at these institutes are not qualified enough, either.  Therefore, every effort has to be made to train teachers in the best way. Especially in mathematics and the natural sciences there is still great need for training. Furthermore, new textbooks have been supplied to the schools and many teachers need extra help to work with these new books.  

We cooperate with GIZ and when possible enable teachers of the Andkhoi area to take part in GIZ run seminars. Furthermore, GIZ has provided us with teaching material which we use for our own teacher training workshops which we organize in cooperation with the Education Offices in our own Education Centre for teachers of the schools in Andkhoi and the surrounding villages.