Small Projects 

All small projects which were granted for 2015 have been implemented (except for the one for Nader Shah school in Mazar-e-Sharif which will be completed in 2016). Here are some photos of school repairs and the construction of a library; more photos will follow once we have received all reports.



Nowadays the schools are functioning much better than in the past but money for repairs is still not easily available. Furthermore, because of the steadily increasing number of students additional classrooms are needed. Often rooms for libraries or laboratories are not available.

We also know that funds are needed to maintain the school buildings, but we do not want to interfere in the running of the state schools. Therefore, we set up our Small Projects Fund:

The state schools in the four northern districts of the province of Faryab as well as those schools for which we constructed buildings in other parts of the country may apply for money from the Small Projects Fund. They can apply by sending us a written proposal. They have to send a narrative report with photos and a financial report and – most important – they have to involve the community and provide at least 10 % of the funds needed. They can apply for either 125.000 Afghanis (USD 2.200), 175.000 Afghanis (USD 3.100) or 225.000 (USD 4.000).

The Education Offices at District level informs all schools about the Small Project Fund. A committee of representatives of the school, the parents and/or community would be set up by the school and a head would be elected who would take the proposal to the VUSAF offices. The school resp. the committee receives the funds in instalments and carries out the project themselves. The last instalment would be paid after all reports have been submitted.

Every year we receive more proposals than would actually be implemented and we think that this starts a good competition among the schools. In the past years we were amazed to see what had been achieved: For example two new classrooms or modern toilets with cesspit and water tank or a building for the guards so that the men do not have to sleep in the hall of the school or a school building was repaired and repainted.

Last year (2013), the schools received a grant of 100.000 Afghanis (around 2000 USD). Below we list the projects which the schools carried out with this amount with the total project sum (including their own contribution) in brackets.  

- Daulat Gildi Fidayee School, Andkhoi: Laboratory (Project sum: 166.024 Afs.)

- Kulalkhana, Andkhoi: Repair and painiting: 209.872 Afs.

- Kohna Qurghan: two classrooms: 147.080 Afs.

- Khancharbagh Boys School: Laboratory: 137.970 Afs.

- Yussuf Andkhoi, Qurghan: Laboratory and library: 187.409 Afs.

- Kamel Shaheed Lycee, Qurghan: Repair and painting: 137.600 Afs.

- Mir Said Baraka Girls, Qurghan: 3 classrooms: 201.606 Afs.

- Yakatoot,  Qurghan: 2 classrooms: 155.686 Afs.

- Youssuf Mirzai Boys, Qaramqul: Repair and painting: 147.742 Afs.

- Sadullah Shaheed, Qaramqul: Computer room: 137.500 Afs.