Construction of School Buildings in 2016

A double story building with 24 classrooms, conference hall and six other rooms was inaugurated in October 2016 and the students of Maula Ali school are now studying here in a good building.


Also in Mazar-e-Sharif we are constructing a 24-classroom building for the students of Khaliqdad School where we faced a problem with the deep ground. Foundations more than 2 m deep were needed:  


Right now the students are still studying in tents: 

We are glad that some German schools, many of our good private supporters and BINGO Projektförderung of Schleswig-Holstein gave us donations but the new building is not big enough because so many students who had left school before have now returned. The school is hoping to get more land next to this building so that an extension can be built. 


Thanks to very generous private donations we were able to add another construction project to our long list for 2015: We are glad that we have the means to construct four additional classrooms (i.e. a second floor on a small building) for the students of Kulalkhana Girls High School.   


Nayestan, the new school in Kohna Qala (District of Khancharbagh) also got a building. 6 classrooms, office, store/guard room and toilets were built and inaugurated in October 2016.


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