The building for a kindergarten for the Maqsadullah Shaheed School for Boys and Girls is finished. Two groups of children of teachers are coming here regularly. They are enjoying the nice clean rooms and their new playground outside.

We feel that there are at least two good reasons for setting up a kindergarten:

- female teachers who have children can continue working or start working which is very important also for society because there are not enough qualified teachers in Afghanistan and

- the boys and girls are better prepared when they join first grade with very often 60 other small children. 


Up to now we have built three kindergartens (but more are wanted). The rooms have a special area where the children can have a rest or play quietly. The furniture was made specially by local carpenters according to plans we provided. 

We have taken special toys from Germany to Afghanistan because it is impossible to buy such eduational toys there. Furthermore, we tried to pass on some of the good ideas the teachers in Germany have to their colleagues in Afghanistan. A young Afghan women who spent some time in Germany received some training and organised a seminar in Mazar-e-Sharif. Both kindergartens are now run by the Afghan state.