Concluded Projects

Most of the projects which we had in Pakistan for the Afghan refugees ended in 2002. 

The support for the state schools in the Andkhoi region changed over the years again and again. During times of war and rule of Taliban we paid a contribution towards living costs to the teachers of the schools which was greatly needed during these difficult times. These payments twice a year directly to the teachers were stopped in 2004 when the Afghan state was paying salaries regularly. We continued to help with teaching materials, first for all children, later-on only when needed.

In the passed years we have built in Afghanistan 47 school buildings, further 11 schools got additional classrooms and 12 were repaired. Furthermore, the schools got either water reservoirs or wells.

Even today the Afghan state does not repair any school buildings and the community is financially not able to finance all repairs necessary. Nowadays, therefore, the schools can apply for money funds from our Small Projects Fund when they have plans for their school and we try to help. 

Also with respect to our own educational projects there have been developments, for example we trained in our Education Centre carpenters and electricians. And then there was the Chicken Project ....